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Total Upheaval

Overturning Tables.

I am no political pundit, but not in my lifetime has there ever been as much political and social upheaval as in the last several months, since the election of President Donald Trump. We have the sad spectacle of the privileged liberal elite - especially the media and rich arrogant celebrities - howling their pathetic protests.* This is not helped by Trumps bombastic style and tendency to shoot himself in the foot time and time again, majoring on minors while trying to honor those who elected him and fulfill his campaign promises, whether good or bad. It is extremely polarized, it is social chaos, and I am tired of it . . . suffering from Trump fatigue.

But I see a similar day coming in the church. A day of howling and protest as God deals with some of our presumptions, our unconscious conditioning by secular culture, our convenient neglect of some parts of the Word of God. Chaos is coming. It will be profoundly uncomfortable. It will provoke conflict and confrontation. And it will bring revolutionary change.

Original Purpose

We will be compelled to
wake up,
sit up,
take notice,
and change the way
we do some things.

One day Jesus walked into the Temple and overturned the tables of the moneychangers. It was not a pretty scene then and it will not be a pretty scene when it happens again. Their activities had become accepted practice, the norm, business as usual, but they violated the original purpose. Jesus is one day going to make the same mess of His church. We will be compelled to wake up, sit up, take notice, and change the way we do some things. In no uncertain terms, He will let us know that some practices we have come to regard as normal, things that have crept in over the years and become culturally acceptable, are far from ok and acceptable to Him.

Move of the Holy Spirit

Those who today cry out for a move of the Holy Spirit may be shocked at what the Holy Spirit will do when He moves. When that move goes beyond blessings, and healings, deliverance, and prosperity. When He demands a change in our appetites and activities. When He wants a total lifestyle revolution. When He says, “This is not good enough or worthy of the Kingdom!” We live as a privileged elite - Born Again, blood bought, rich in the things of God. When God overturns our cultural cart, will we be like Hollywood’s spoiled brats, howling in protest and call prophets who challenge us false, or will we submit to the will and the Word of God, and change?

It is a messy, sometimes upsetting political picture. And it will be messy and upsetting then. We will enter a time of chaos, but out of chaos will come a change in our culture, and creed, and custom that will transform the church, and make us a church that can transform the world.

Bring It On, Lord Jesus!

This change will be just as revolutionary as in the days of Luther, and Calvin, and Zwingli. The reformation was also a revolution. Spiritual blind spots will be exposed. Cherished doctrines will be challenged. Imperfect but passionate new leaders will emerge. There will be a radical call to a change of practice, true life-changing discipleship, a return to our original God-given purpose.

No matter what the cost, will you say with me, “Bring it on, Lord Jesus. Bring it on!”


*Which is not to suggest there are no legitimate long term environmental and political concerns.



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