A Peaceable Revolution !

At times I find the state of the Pentecostal, Charismatic, Revival, Renewal, Spirit-filled church to be most distressing, and I have come to the startling conclusion that having another "good meeting," or a series of "special services," or a "fresh move of God" just won't do what needs to be done. Neither will attending another conference or seminar, or taking another class. What God wants to do is much more foundational, in every sense of the word.

A Peaceable Revolution

We need
"A Peaceable Revolution"
that will
"bring back the King."

We have taken our training. We have experienced the move of God's Spirit. Yet our hearts, and the heart of God, are still unfulfilled. We are unfulfilled because we have experienced Renewal and Revival but we have not yet had a Revolution. We must go from having "church" as we now experience it, to being the Kingdom of God, as He would have it. We need "A Peaceable Revolution" that will "bring back the King."

Mention a Revolution and we think of an uprising in which the economy is affected, the social structure influenced, and all of life is upset. These things may happen but a Revolution really is about a change of government. God wants to change the present unBiblical one-person-in-charge governmental model upon which much of the church is now built. The scripture did not say that the church would be built upon the foundation of "pastors." It is built upon the foundation of apostles and prophets, functioning together as part of a Five-Fold Ministry/Leadership Team, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone. (Ephesians 2:20)

From Renewal, to Revolution

In recent years both large conference centres and local churches have seen wonders and experienced God in ways we never had before. But sadly, in most places the new thing that God has sent has been used to prop up and to fortify an old thing God hates.

  • He hates it because it is not His idea, plan, or model for the governmental leadership of His church.
  • He hates it because it does not fulfil His purposes.
  • He hates it because it abuses the pulpit and misuses the pew.
  • He hates it because it does not work.

God did not send a fresh move of His Spirit to breathe new life into the old system. The new wine was not sent to revive and refresh the old unScriptural structure. It was sent to destroy it.

I believe we are fooling ourselves. We have been content with "good services," and "wonderful prayer ministry." We have a lot of "good meeting places," places where God has some liberty to move, but we are wrong in thinking a "good meeting place" is a church! If there is no godly government there is no church, no matter how good the services are. A blest pile of bricks is still just a pile of bricks. We must see churches led by an Eldership that is functioning and in relationship with each other. We must see churches where the deacons are tending to the practical affairs of church life. We must have Theocratic Church Government.

From the Concept to the Conference

I recently saw yet another conference brochure. As I read it I realized that many have embraced the concept of Theocratic Church Government though Five Fold Ministry and Leadership, skipped the church, and gone straight to the conference. The brochure advertised the big name speakers. It listed the sponsoring churches. The speakers were all given the appropriate Ephesians 4:11 Biblical titles of Prophet, Apostle, Teacher, and Evangelist. The leaders of the local churches were called "Pastors," and various other names.

But I know some of these good people. Although they use the words, the work of transformation has barely begun. They are still not functioning as God's Word dictates. Their churches are not governed Theocratically. Most still have one man, or one couple, erroneously called "pastors," leading a small congregation in the traditional Pentecostal pattern. There may be more freedom in worship, more operation of the gifts of the spirit, and some interesting, new, and even transformational teaching, but they have not yet had their Peaceable Revolution.

Centres of Renewal

The larger centres of Renewal and Revival are no different. The magazines and mail outs continue to advertise yearly meetings for "Pastors and Leaders." This is in spite of the fact that most of those attending have no pastoral anointing and gifting, and "pastor" is the wrong word to use to signify the leader of a church. People attend, hear fabulous speakers, and have a wonderful time. Then they go home, their meetings improve for a while, but sadly, there is still no real change. The end result is even more frustration (thank God.)

A Season of Discontent and Dryness

But things may be changing. In many places it has been a very dry time. Very little of any significance or substance is happening. A season of divine discontentment is sweeping the land. Some "Spirit filled" churches are now having only sporadic moves of God, occasional moments of refreshing - just enough to keep the weary members alive, and attending. Many are asking, "What is wrong with me." More and more I heard people saying, "Is this all there is? Do I stay, or do I go?" The truth is nothing is wrong with them and worshipping elsewhere probably will not help. Unless God tells us to we do not need to change churches. We need to change the church.

Revolution, Not Revival

No matter how dry
and difficult
church may seem,
this is not the time
to seek for more Revival.

No matter how dry and difficult church may seem, this is not the time to seek for more Revival. It is not time to pray for greater Renewal. It is time for The Peaceable Revolution for which the Lord has been preparing the church. This Revolution is to be peaceable because it is to be led, not by a group of rebels, but by those who are presently in control. The time has come for today's godly leadership to let go of the reins and let King Jesus truly reign. This is God’s first choice. If that happens we will receive the fresh rain for which our souls have cried. The time has come. The time is now. For some, they are in the season of their last chance to fulfill their destiny.

However, let me share one word of caution. If those currently in leadership in the present church models simple will not or cannot make the transition those who do see what God desires to do must respond with grace, and wisdom. If we stay in these churches we are not to be agitators or troublemakers. We need to get with the vision of where we are, and if we cannot, we must get out.

But rest assured, God’s purposes will not be continually frustrated. If those presently in leadership do not hear and obey the call to truly make Jesus King of the Church God will raise up a new generation of Five Fold Leaders who will establish new works that will experience a fresh move of the Spirit of the Living God.

Either way, let's bring back the King!

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