What About the Money?

If you have seen the truth of the Five Fold Ministry/Leadership of the church, you are then faces with a number of important and unavoidable questions.

  • Is it ethical to support, in finances or attendance, a religious system that is so obviously man made, and contrary to the will and word of God?
  • Is it right to support, and submit to, a “pastor,” especially when the “office” or ministry function, as we now see it expressed, does not exist in scripture, and is at the root of all that is currently wrong with the “church?”
  • If your local body accepts the Five Fold Ministry/Leadership model as true, and has decided to make the necessary changes to operate in a Biblical manner, is it right to immediately, and autocratically, terminate the financial support of those who, in good faith, have devoted their lives to full time service in that which we have called “church?”
  • Do you pay the Apostolic Team Leader, or the leader and the team? Do you pay the one, and then add the others to the payroll when finances permit?
  • If a church is going to have government and ministry according to a biblical pattern, should there not be time and space for at least a transition stage?
  • If the “church” you are attending is not making any obvious steps toward change, what should a person do about their finances, and even their attendance?

I will not attempt to answer any of the above questions. It would be presumptuous of me to do so. I will not even share with you the conclusions I have come to for my own life. I believe that each person needs to hear from God for themselves.

Pray. Ask Him what to do. Listen to what He tells you. Obey, governing yourself in neither the fear nor favour of man.

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