Intimacy With God; The Catalyst For Change

What will it take to motivate the changes that are so necessary in the Church of Jesus Christ? What will it take for those who now hold positions of power as "pastors" to let go of the reins, to abandon the "ministerial monarchy," and work toward the establishment of Theocratic Church Government through God's Five Fold Ministry/Leadership Teams?

There are several things that could have been a catalyst, but have not.

  • Ministerial Misery. "Pastors"have been overworked, overstressed, and overcommitted for years. But their own personal torment has not done it, and neither has the suffering of their families, many of whom are deprived of proper parental care and spousal support.
  • An Unworkable System. The present system does not and has never worked. "Pastors" are told to just work it better, and harder, even though all of their hard work produces only substandard results. So they attend more seminars, read more books on leadership, and end up with full heads and empty hearts and hands.
  • No Scriptural Support. There is not a shred of scriptural support for the existing governmental structure of the church, but we are so used to things as they are that we filter the reading of scripture through our present paradigm and no longer see or hear what God's Word is teaching.

These things have not provided the catalyst for change, but beloved, all is not lost. There is one thing that will move us toward transformation of the church structure. That one thing is a hunger for true intimacy with God. God is penetrating our hearts and impregnating our spirits with a hunger and thirst for Him. This deepening desire will make us discontent with things as they now are, and prepare those participating in the present forms of church government to embrace the paradigm shift that is to come.

Intimacy With the Almighty

If all we really want is to be in an intimate relationship with the Almighty, then we will be brought into a place where we literally could not care less about present "pastoral" position, power, or prestige. Our primary concern will be the privilege and pleasure of being in close contact with the Lover of our Souls. Like the elders around the throne in Revelation we will be eager to throw our crowns before Him.

The only thing
that will delight our heart
will be the fact
that we are
delighting His heart.

The only thing that will delight our heart will be the fact that we are delighting His heart. We literally could do anything, anywhere, at any time and be totally contented. We would be pleased whether in the pulpit preaching, or in a pew quietly interceding, providing prayer support while someone else ministers. If our cutting vegetables in the kitchen delights Him, then we will be just as satisfied and we will revel in His pleasure there. Our place of ministry, whether public or private, will be of absolutely no consequence. Our desire will be toward Him.

Abandoned to Love

In this place of utter abandonment we will become impervious to either complaints or compliments. (Except when we are hearing His voice of encouragement or correction through others.) The fear of God and the love of the Lord totally destroy bondage to the fear and favour of man. When we focus on how man reacts, how people respond, what they think, feel, or say, we are in bondage. When we are consumed with what God feels, thinks, and says, we are in freedom.

We will have only one question. "Did my ministry today delight the heart of the Father?" If the answer is yes, we will be satisfied. If we discover it did not, we will submit to the Lord for Him to deal with our heart and change our motives. Our prayer will be that He keeps our attitudes and actions pure before Him. More than anything else our heart's desire will be that He bring us into a place of greater intimacy and let us listen as He shares His heart.

Conceived in Intimacy

I talk a lot about Apostolic Five Fold Ministry/Leadership Teams, but do I know what Theocratic Church Government really looks like? Not exactly. We understand the fundamentals, but even the New Testament does not give a clear picture of how it is to work. (Neither does it give a complete picture of what public worship was like.) In Acts and the Epistles we see that it was an unfolding revelation, and a living organic reality. All we really know is that they established an Apostolic Team of Elders in each place to lead the church spiritually, and ordained Deacons to care for the natural.

Theocratic Church Government
is not something
that can be built.
It is something
that must be born.

Because of this Theocratic Church Government is not something that can be built. It is something that must be born. We have no architectural plans, no scale model to look at, and no sketch to admire. Rather, we, as the Bride of Christ, are to have an intimate loving relationship with our Heavenly Groom. Out to that intimate union we are impregnated. We must allow the new life conceived to develop within the womb of the church. It will be brought forth with the travailing prayers of the interceding saints.

Birthed in Reality

Each relationship of marital intimacy is different and distinct. So in each Christian, and in each local church, intimacy with God will have a character all its own. There are Word churches, and Worshipping churches, and Witnessing churches, to name just a few. And each local expression of Theocratic Church Government that is born of that intimacy will be unique. It will be within the Biblical definitions, but distinctive to the needs of that area, and the gifting of those whom God has called.

Theocratic Church Government is the natural expression of a people whom God has prepared for change by bringing them into a place of greater intimacy and communion with Him. It is His idea. If we are willing, He will show us the way.

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