The Bible's teaching on Homosexuality is a controversial topic in society, but also in some parts of the church. The following article is written as a word of encouragment for those homosexual men and women who have come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and having accepted the conservative understanding of what the Bible says about homosexuality, have of their own free will chosen to live celibate lives.

God’s Gift to the Homosexual Christian


The various forms of the homosexual alphabet - LGBTQ etc. - are very much in the news. We cannot help but occasionally think about the mystery of it all. How does it happen? Nature or nurture, or a combination of the two? Most Bible-based Christians believe God did not make anyone “gay.” It is the result of human brokenness and it deserves a compassionate yet Biblical response. The bottom line? Sodomy is forbidden in Scripture.


In one way or another, in this fallen world we are all broken, including sexually. We all experience pain. We all suffer. What we do with our sufferings makes all the difference. The godly response to suffering is to do so in Jesus name and for His glory. God’s gift to the homosexual, is the opportunity not to turn their inclinations into their identity but to turn their pain into gain, to acknowledge their disordered state and the suffering it brings, and through chastity, present the pain of it as a fragrant offering to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yes, it can mean great frustration and deep deprivation. No one wants to suffer. No one seeks it. But nonetheless, it comes, bringing with it opportunities available no other way. Suffering has meaning. Suffering has significance, value, and purpose. We rejoice when we are “counted worthy to suffer.” Acts 5:41 ESV

I suffer from chronic pain and mental illness. Each day I live with a brokenness that feels like anything but a blessing. God neither gave it nor has He taken it away. Yet, I have learned to redeem the situation by pouring out my pain and impairment as an oblation of praise to Him. And to live an abundant life.



God’s gift to the homosexual, indeed to all of us, is the opportunity to suffer for His glory. The homosexual’s gift to God is to simply agree with His Word and to humbly obey. . . while waiting to be healed to surrender the desire for intimate companionship, and sexual pleasure and fulfillment, and embrace celibacy. In so doing they cooperate with God and turn what the enemy would use to maim, steal, kill, and destroy into something with which to grow in grace and through which to glorify God. They testify to a hurting world that there is something greater, well worth the surrender of unrestrained sensuality. And they also join the millions of single heterosexual Christians who submit their sexuality to God and live chaste, and free – sometimes for a lifetime.

Some may say, “Yes, but a heterosexual Christian could eventually meet someone and get married. Their time of deprivation would be over. The Christian who experiences same-sex attraction has no such option.”

True. Which makes their suffering all the more profound, and all that more an exquisitely beautiful gift to God. To embrace truth and righteousness when all the world around you demand rights, privileges, accommodations, and the uninhibited enjoyment of every desire is truly a beautiful thing; a beautiful thing, for the glory of God. A man would be a fool to surrender that privilege for an inappropriate relationship and illicit pleasures.

God’s invitation and promise to the homosexual is not the kind of David and Jonathan, Ruth and Naomi relationship imagined by well meaning “gay-positive” theologians. It is the charge to “take up your cross daily and follow me.” Jesus never invites us to the place of utter and complete fulfillment of our every desire – heterosexual or homosexual, ordered or disordered - but the opposite. A man carrying a cross is journeying to his place of death. Come, follow me, and die to all that is not godly. Die!

Since therefore Christ suffered in the flesh, arm yourselves with the same way of thinking, for whoever has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin. I Peter 4:1 ESV

Thank God for those homosexuals who acknowledge their sexual brokenness, say no to popular culture, and covenant with God not to act on their impulses Theirs is a joy, peace, and delight beyond anything this world has to offer.


God’s Gift to the Homosexual Christian (PDF)


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