Health ~ Introduction


At one time I was a solid meat and potatoes man. I enjoyed steak, loved meat loaf, and as a special after church treat feasted on Kentucky Fried Chicken, fries and gravy every Sunday afternoon. So it was not because I did not enjoy it that I gave up eating meat.

Some three decades ago, in September 1985, I became a Vegetarian. At the end of February 2011 I became a Vegan, which means I consume no animal products of any kind, including milk, eggs, cheese, and all other diary. Finally, several years later I becamee a Raw Vegan. My only regret is that I did not become Vegan from the beginning. Oh well, live and learn.

Adventures in Alternative Eating

As a Raw Vegan I eat nothing cooked, or anything that has been heated to over 110 degrees. This has meant learning some new things and having numerous Adventures in Alternative Eating. Vegan. Some things that are becoming staples of my diet are not even thought about by most of the population. I make my own Almond Milk, grow my own Sprouts, regularly consume Green Smoothies and Green Pudding, make Raw Soups, and even Raw Pate. I shop around the edges of the grocery store, where you find the fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid the center of the grocery store where you find the packaged “food” and so called “treats.” I avoid drugs of all kinds, especially the addictive ones, and that includes caffeine. And I am never too far from a banana and take a couple with me wherever I go. I am not the only Christian living and eating this way, nor do I do it best.

The only way a person can eat an Alternative Diet is to do so intentionally. There is no such thing as just going to the store and picking up a package of something to nuke real quick to wolf down on the go. And that is, for the sake of our God given health, a very good thing. A century ago our forbears had to spend time and energy to get and prepare their food. Now, in a day and age filled with convenience we often neglect to put in the time and effort to enjoy a diet that will benefit our heath, energy levels, and overall well being.

The Standard American Diet (SAD)

We suffer for our indulgences, and do so needlessly. The Standard American Diet (SAD) that we Canadians eat is filled with processed and packaged food high in unhealthy fats, salt, and empty white bread carbohydrates. And most of us overeat these unhealthy foods. Standard American Diet. It is no wonder that we are plagued with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and a host of other diseases that our indulgences have brought upon us. It has been confirmed by many, many scientific tests that our diet is killing us, yet so many continue to consume as if there will be no consequences.

Thank God there is a better way. One need not do all the things that I do to eat and live healthier. But, should you have a spirit of adventure, you just may want to investigate and try some of the interesting alternatives I describe here. After all, the Lord’s intent is that we live a full and abundant life, and we are better able to do that if we forsake the SAD Death Diet and eat in a way that does not rob us of our God given inheritance of abundant health and a long life.

I have much to learn and a few things to say about healthy living. As I learn more I will share more in the pages to come.

God bless you.