God’s Fabulous Five Fold is the message I believe God gave me for the “Spirit-filled Church” (Pentecostal, Apostolic, Charismatic, Renewal, etc.)
I believe the truths presented here are also applicable to churches across the whole spectrum of Christendom, if not organizationally, then certainly organically. May God bless these concepts to your heart and give you wisdom as to how to apply them to your ministry situation.


I love the Church of Jesus Christ. In one sense it is His Body here on earth, and Jesus Christ is the head. Another description is that she is His betrothed bride now, and when He comes again we will go to the place He has prepared for us, and we will be united with Him thorough out all eternity. The story of Christ and His Church is the greatest love story ever told.

But, considering our elevated eternal purpose, it sure does seem that all is not well with the Church of Jesus Christ while here on Planet Earth. For sure, she is not living up to her potential. She does not function as God intends. Something is very, very wrong, and the issue needs to be examined in the light of the Word of God.

Five Fold Ministry/Leadership Teams

I have come to believe
that most of the problems
in the Church today
stem from the fact
that she is not
organized, and led,
in the way that
our God intends.

I have come to believe that most of the problems in the Church today stem from the fact that she is not organized, and led, in the way that our God intends. We have either left or lost our way, and need to return to “doing church” God’s way. That goes beyond how we worship, and what we believe. It also includes how we are governed and led. If we are to be ready for the return of our Kingly Bridegroom, we must discover what He wants from us now.

Thanks be to God, the Word of God is not silent on this issue of proper church leadership and organization. We have both instruction and example. And we have the Holy Spirit who will show us how to apply both to the Church of Jesus Christ in the 21st Century.

God’s plan is really very simple. His church is to be led by Five Fold Leadership/Ministry Teams. I call this God's Fabulous Five Fold Plan, or Theocratic Church Government, and in the several articles listed to the right, I share my admittedly limited understanding of the subject.

And the good thing is that I am not alone in what I believe. Except for the last one the articles I share here are chapters of a book I wrote in 2004 but more and more God is raising up fresh voices to share these simple truths with the Body of Christ.

Prophet Bob Jones

On Friday, November 13, 2009, in West Haven, Connecticut, a group of Canadian leaders met over breakfast with Prophet Bob Jones. The conversation was recorded and here is some of what Bob Jones share:

One of the things … is that the Lord is looking for the best man, the Eleazar, that will go and get his Son a bride. The Eleazar didn't represent himself to the bride, he represents his master's son. That's all he'll talk about is his master's son. The Eleazar ministries are going to bring the bride in. You can't have a bride until you have the Eleazar ministries. The Eleazar ministries is the fivefold ministry. It is the government of God that will perfect the bride. What he's doing here in all of you, I see government. All of you don't have the same calling, but you all have a calling to be part of that government, when you unite. The Lord is ready. I think all you have to do is get ready.

I like to use this example: when one of you have an apostolic calling, you're a one. If you have a prophet with you , you're a 10. If you have an evangelist, you're a 100. If you have a pastor, you're a 1000. If you have an inspired teacher, (I see a lot of inspired teachers here that are teaching by revelations) you have God's government. The reason that the church is inconsistent is because it is built on a man and instead of THE Man. The Lord is bringing his government in so signs and wonders will be consistent. Everything that is going on is a change. So if God has a government, He has already given it all power and authority. And that government will reign.

The shaking (and everything that is going to happen and is happening.) It is to shake out the counterfeit religious church and replace it with the Lord's church.

So, if you would like to know my own thoughts on the matter, I invite you to read further.


Here are some quotes to whet your appetite.

From “Called to be a "Pastor?"

It is surprising to learn that the modern office of "Pastor" is one unknown in Scripture. There was no such thing as a "Pastor," as we now know it, found in the New Testament church. It certainly was not God's idea, at least not if He is the loving Father I have come to know Him to be.

From “Who is Your Pastor?”

No where and at no time is it ever recorded in scripture someone being referred to as "the Pastor" of a church.


Of no one was it ever said, "This is my Pastor."

From “Wanted: Pastors

The supreme need of this hour in the Church of Jesus Christ is not for more Apostles who will provide visionary leadership, nor for more Prophets who will speak the Word of the Lord with unction and anointing. We do not need more Evangelists to reap the harvest or Teachers to explain the truths found in the Word of God. No, what we desperately need now is the recognition and release of those who are called to be Pastors.

One More Very Important Thing

One more very important thing. Although I passionately believe that the church can only be properly and biblically led by Five Fold Ministry/Leadership Team, I have continued to worship in churches that are not. And while there I have tried to not be a rebel, or cause unnecessary problems. In a church that is still one-person “pastor” driven, I do my best to work for and worship God within the system in which I find myself (well, except for “control” situations that are ridiculous or excessive.) After all, that is what God Himself continues to do (at least for now.) He works within our limited knowledge of His will and His ways.

These are good people. God loves them and so do I.

But, it still goes without saying that there is a much better and more Biblical way.