Simple Keys to Financial Prosperity

Image is destiny. We all have a picture in our mind about who we are, what we can do, and what we are called to be, and for most that image is born of our ancestry, our environment, and our past experience. It is next to impossible to rise above the level of that image and if, by chance, we find our situation better than how we see ourselves, we will so order our lives that the inner vision and outer reality will once again come into synch. That means we will either let God upgrade our vision to better reflect the improvement, or we will sabotage our situation so it will be lowered to the level of our inner image. One way or another, we will reconcile the two. Whatever we see for ourselves we will live and act in such a way as to ensure it will happen.

Sometimes We Sabotage Our Blessings

But this is nowhere truer than in our finances. If we see ourselves poor we will do things to make sure we stay poor. We settle into it and develop a poverty skillset, vocabulary and lifestyle. It is what we know best. Poverty becomes our comfort zone, even if it is making us miserable. If we somehow come into more prosperity, we will either let God reveal how He sees us, or unconsciously we will do things to lower our income, raise our expenses, or increase our debt.

Spiritualized Misery

Not only do we self-sabotage, we even spiritualize our misery. Our poverty is part of our being a true child of God, forcing us to trust Him as we live from hand to mouth. Our deprivation becomes our badge of honor as a suffering saint. That way we are not responsible.

And there is just enough truth in this to make it plausible. We are to not waste our sorrows. God can use a season of poverty to make us more dependent on Him, and to teach us things we could learn no other way. It can drive us to our knees. But there is a vast difference between a redemptive response to a season of lack and making temporary difficulty it into a lifelong assignment. God sometimes allows and uses these things because, at the moment, it is the best tool for the job. But truth be told, there are times when our misery has nothing to do with God, and everything to do with our own inaction and lack of wisdom.

The Simple Solution

It is a fact. Our image becomes our reality. Our vision controls our faith. It controls and shapes how well we fulfill our destiny, or fail to do so. And for many, their image of self is just too small.

But there is a simple solution. No, we don’t envision ourselves differently. Instead, we let God show us how He sees us. We do this in the Presence of the Lord, during times of refreshing and intimacy with Him. Ask Him for a snapshot of your promise and potential. You will be very surprised at what you will see. Once received, keep it in your mind and spirit at all times.

When Joseph put striped rods in front of the sheep (Genesis 30:37-43) there was certainly no physical basis for his actions. He was acting on a profound spiritual principle. When the sheep were being refreshed at the drinking trough, and a seed was being planted in their wombs, Joseph simply changed what they saw in order to change what they would produce. He put stripes before their eyes, and they produced striped lambs.

God would change our inner vision, to change our external reality. He changes what we see, to change what we produce.

As we let Him do that, we can then make the necessary life style changes to bring that image out of the realm of the spirit into physical reality. That might mean working harder . . . and smarter, and spending less and saving more in order to become more prosperous, and even overcoming an addiction to the adrenalin pumping roller coaster ride of financial crisis and last minute rescue.

Spirit of Poverty Among God’s People


God hates the spirit of poverty that rules so many lives. Listen, without proper stewardship we will not tithe ourselves out of poverty. We will not give ourselves out of poverty, as part of a faith formula. We will not go to a special service, pray over an envelope, or have someone “anointed for finances” pray over our offering and instantly receive deliverance from poverty. We will not “sow into the kingdom” and get out of poverty and into prosperity. That is not “expecting a miracle.” That is magical thinking, and it just does not work. Yes , Holy Spirit-led seed-sowing is a wonderful part of the process, but it is only part. And there are other things that are necessary:

  • You will get out of poverty when you let God change your vision, give you His image of you as a prosperous person, and deliver you from the need to self-sabotage.
  • You will get out of poverty and into prosperity when you do some simple acts of obedience and use the keys He has given you. And He has given you the keys to prosperity. The keys are “save more, spend less, earn more, work better.”

What Does Prosperity Look Like?

God wants you more prosperous. That is usually the opening line of a sermon that ends with the people becoming poorer and the preacher getting richer. Nevertheless, it is true.

But what does prosperity look like? God uses Prophets to project word pictures onto the screen of our imagination. Let me paint you a really wild image of prosperity. God does not just want your needs met, bills paid in full and on time. That is not prosperity. That is just simple integrity. But imagine being debt free and $5000 in the bank! Imagine what that would feel like . . . a $5000 cushion for emergencies, $5000 to draw on when needed, and $5000 that is replaced right away when used. What if that is the will of God? I believe it is. But if you cannot believe for $5000, let you faith start with $50, then aim for $500, and then believe and work toward $5000. Let God show you your starting amount. And now, the four simple keys to prosperity. . .

Four Simple Keys

  • Key #1. Save More. Every single paycheck, God comes first, but pay yourself second. Add to your savings, regularly. How to do that?
  • Key #2. Spend less. Sometimes our lives leak money. “I’m stressed. I’ve had a rough week; I deserve a nice night out with a lovely meal in a good restaurant.” Thirty to fifty dollars later we have a full belly, and tragically, an empty wallet.

If we leak money we need to identify the holes in our budget, and plug them. One suggestion; reexamine your coffee habit and make a simple change. Buy a mug, and use it. Get a can of coffee, make a Tim’s at home, and fill your mug before you go. Get a thermos and use to refill your mug. Calculate the cost . . . $2.00 for a Tim’s? Five times a week? $10! $40+ a month. $500+ a year! Put that money in the bank. And while we are at it, cut . . . back . . . on . . . eating . . . out.

Shop at Frenchys, Value Village and other thrift stores. Buy bargain goods. Go to yard sales. Go on Kijiji. Rarely buy new. Just try it. It will change your life. I have a great tailor. Her name is Sally Ann. She provides almost all my clothes. Imagine how much you could save in a year!

How would you like to get most of your groceries half price? I do. I almost never buy fruit and veggies full price. Superstore has a ready to eat rack in their produce department. And it is such fun finding a great deal. I stop by several times a week. In the past two weeks I bought $140 worth of fruit and veggies, and only paid $70! And always check the weekly flyers and get to know those locally owned stores known for extraordinary deals.

  • Key #3. Earn More. Take an extra shift. Work that four hours overtime. Go back to school and get some training so you can get a better job. Your together time at home will be so much better with less financial stress. How much will those extra hours provide each month? $100? By years end you have $1200 toward your God given goal. That $1200 earned and the $500 saved makes $1700 toward your $5000. In a little less than 3 years you will have more than the $5000. It will transform your life! So, let me reiterate, we begin with . . .
  • Key #1. Save More. Every single paycheck, God comes first, but pay yourself second. Add to your savings, regularly. Make it a priority. Oh, and one more thing . . .

Secular Work Is Full Time Christian Ministry

  • Key #4. Work Better. We sometimes have a dichotomous mentality; this is sacred, this is spiritual. No such thing. No such division. It is all a call from God. Secular work is full time Christian service. We do it all unto the Lord. I’ve had different employers, but God has always been my boss. If I swing a hammer or swish a mop in the name of Jesus I will autograph my labor with excellence, and do it to the glory of God. Work is worship. I will do more than I am asked, longer than I am paid, and better than expected. I will not be a clock watcher. No one cares for the sick and elderly . . . they care for Jesus. “In as much as you do it for the least of these you do it for me.” In secular work the Kingdom of God is invading the natural realm, the Kingdom of Man, to the Glory of God. People who work with the heart of God become more prosperous, and are eminently more promotable. Our work means just as much to Him as our worship, for again, work is worship! We do all in Jesus name, and His Name deserves our best.

Poverty and Prosperity

What makes the difference between poverty and prosperity? Not just prayer, giving, sowing in faith, faithfulness, or believing. It is letting God show you a more prosperous you, and walking faithfully in wisdom and excellence. It really is just that simple. And once that foundation has been laid, you can then pray and give and sow and reap as God leads, and enjoy His abundant provision.

Jacob went out from his father’s house, running for his life. He worked hard for a difficult man, and came back home with 2 wives, a large family, and great riches. And all I am saying is that God wants you to have $5000 in the bank! If God can trust you to steward the $5 you now have, He will eventually trust you with the level of prosperity that is your destiny.

Transforming Our World

We don’t have to live poor, unhealthy, emotionally dysfunctional lives. We can live differently. And living differently, we can change our world. When we embrace God’s image of us, He will give us the practical steps to bring it from image to reality, and give us the grace to obey.

Our lives will then become God’s image for others. We will become prophetic prototypes of prosperity for a lost world. Our godly lifestyle of practical wisdom and diligence will impact and instruct our circle of influence. This is part of our destiny as believers. God blesses us; our being blessed, blesses others. It is time to live long, and prosper, and influence others to do so as well.

Plan Carefully.


Simple Keys to Financial Prosperity (PDF)