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Fifty Years of Prophetic Ministry

Prophetic Ministry.

By God’s grace, I have been in prophetic ministry for some 50 years. I do not function at the same level as mighty men of God like the late John Paul Jackson, and many others. I have had services where I was gifted to prophesy over everyone in the room, but I am not one for whom that is a regular practice. And as a person with disabilities, I am not only unable to travel the globe transforming the lives of thousands, today I cannot even regularly attend public worship. But over these five decades, I enjoyed many wonderful moments where God moved, sovereignly, using me for His glory. And He’s not done yet.

Prophetic Vignettes

The church in which
I was raised was not
wildly enthusiastic
about the prophetic.
Encouragement and
helpful instruction
were rare.

The church in which I was raised was not wildly enthusiastic about the prophetic. Encouragement and helpful instruction were rare. One Sunday morning when I was 16, the Holy Spirit came upon me powerfully and I stood and gave an utterance in tongues, and then the interpretation. It was a curiously precise message saying that someone had given five reasons why they could not serve God. The message listed the five and gave God’s response. I sat down and the service moved on without further comment. But in the evening service, our amazed pastor told the story. Saturday evening he had visited a couple. They gave him five reasons why they could not serve God. He invited them, before they gave up completely, to come to church that Sunday and see what God would do. Now that was encouraging!

In my thirties, I was invited to speak in a large church in Montreal. I was a small-town pastor, and not much of a traveller, but I felt to accept the invitation. On Sunday evening, right in the middle of my sermon, the Holy Spirit came upon me and I suddenly slammed my fist on the pulpit and shouted “You have said” and I yelled a sentence or two, and then declared, “How dare you address and rebuke your leaders that way! Repent!” Then, without giving it a thought or skipping a beat, I continued preaching. The next day I learned that while I was in the pulpit the pastor’s wife was meeting with a parishioner in a room just to the right of the platform. Their meeting was intense. The person, upset about something, was soundly rebuking the pastor’s wife. Her torrent of words stopped and two seconds later I let loose. They heard me. I quoted her word for word. For a moment, they looked at each other in stunned silence, and then the woman collapsed in her leader’s arms, sobbing in repentance. And it sure put the fear of God into me!

One day several years ago, I was suddenly impressed to write a man of God, and tell him to stop trying to pastor everyone in his very large church. I felt to say, “You see one church. It is actually 12 congregations in one with a powerful person unofficially leading each of those 12 groups. Identify those 12 persons, pastor them, and they will lead their circle of influence.” Several thoughts went through my mind. “What right do I have to say that? What if I am wrong? Oh, so what. I’ve been wrong before. What have I got to lose?” So, I emailed him the word. Some time later I got a response. Just before he received that word he was in a leadership meeting. One of his board members described the church as not one but 12 congregations and named the leader of each. He suggested the lead pastor focus his attention and efforts on these 12 significant individuals. I was both stunned and humbled.

Several Observations

  • These were amazing experiences, but “reading someone’s mail” is not the most important function of a Prophet’s public ministry. More important is the revelatory preaching/teaching of the Word.
  • Second, had I been restricted by some of today’s “prophetic protocols,” much of what God accomplished through me over the past 50 years could not have happened. Something to think about.
  • Third, I honestly never knowingly seek for a word. I am not without mistakes, but God simply speaks to me through a feeling, words, or an image. Then, given opportunity and permission, I share.
  • And fourth, and most significantly . . .

If in these three incidents and thousands more God could use someone with my brokenness, limitations, and flaws, I cannot help but wonder . . . what greater things has He and will He do through you?


Fifty Years of Prophetic Ministry (PDF)


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