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2017 ~ Days of Decision, Division, & Destiny


Several years ago I visited a yard sale held by a small congregation of mostly Asian immigrants. There was nothing remarkable about the rather non-descript church building. I found nothing of interest at the sale. The people were friendly but unremarkable. I had no life altering divine encounter. But the experience was profound in that the entire building seemed saturated with the Presence of God!

This was not a Pentecostal/Spirit-filled church, as we usually understand it. I found myself asking, “God, what is this all about?” I wandered around, looking for a clue. After a while, I just gave up and decided to make my exit. Then, as I was leaving, I noticed something posted on their church sign, as if it was just the normal, routine thing to do. Daily Prayer, 5:30 am. Wow. And no, I am not advocating this as the Key to Revival, the door to an amazing move of God that will turn the world upside down. This is what they felt led to do. It might not work for someone else.



But just standing there, looking at that sign, I was struck by the level of commitment necessary to get up and get to the church every weekday for 5:30 am. A congregation that decided to arrange their entire lives around that time of corporate prayer.

What has God called you to do? How has He led you to prepare for the decisive days ahead? What disciplines are part of your devotion and desire, leading to your destiny? Are they essentials, or electives? Do they fit into your life, to be enjoyed at your leisure, or do you organize your life around them? We all have non-negotiables. What are the non-negotiables in your spiritual life?

Dividing Time

It seems to me that thus far we have been like children, running, dancing, luxuriating in the Father’s Love, enjoying the warmth of His embrace, receiving His healing touch. It has been wonderful. But of this I am convinced . . . there will still be abundant blessings, but the time of just playing and partying and nothing more is over. These are Days of Decision, and our Destiny hangs in the balance. It is a Dividing time. God is separating those who will continue with the spiritual status quo from those who will diligently press in and prepare for what He is going to do. We will either have oil in our lamps, or we will miss our moment.

God is preparing something wonderful
for the diligent workers and
passionate worshippers and
fierce warriors.

We all get challenged by an inspiring message, but we must move beyond the challenge. We must be willing to do the disciplined hard work. The days are late. It is time for the children to grow up. God is preparing something wonderful for the diligent workers and passionate worshippers and fierce warriors. Yes, God is loving, and gracious, kind and merciful. Kairos. The blessing of the Father’s Heart is for one and all. But the blessings of the Bridal Chamber are reserved for those whose heart is prepared, who have washed their robes and trimmed their lamps. When the Bridegroom comes with the next move of God, and the Bride takes her place to rule at His side, those who have not prepared may serve as hewers of wood and drawers of water, but they will not rule and reign. The door of opportunity will be closed. Their kairos season will have passed. Their destiny as Kings and Priests will have come and gone. The weak will not lose their salvation, but only the prepared will enjoy the purity, passion, and pleasures of the bridal chamber, the provision of the banquet table, and the power and authority of the Throne Room.


Members of that small congregation reorganized their lives, surrendering some pleasures in their pursuit of His Presence. Abandoning excuses, embracing discipline and sacrifice, they established a non-negotiable priority, and the results were profound. We will be blessed as we do the same. Destiny awaits.


2017 ~ Days of Decision, Division, & Destiny (PDF)


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