Jesus Christ, Constitutional Monarch?

I have a question about the government of the Kingdom of God.

Is Jesus Christ really Lord of His Church, or are we serving a Saviour that we have reduced to the status of a constitutional monarch?

Canadians Love Their Queen

I am a Canadian. Canada, Great Britain, and the other nations of the Commonwealth are all under the reign of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. We regard her as our monarch, head of state, Queen Elizabeth II.and as it says in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer, "our most gracious Sovereign Lady." It is from her the Governor General of Canada, and the Lieutenant Governors of the Provinces, receive their rank, status, and place of privilege.

When the Queen or any member of the royal family come a callin' we "roll out the red carpet," put on our Sunday best, and have a major celebration. We sing our songs and dance our dances. Pronouncements and proclamations are made. Everyone who is to come within ten feet of Her Royal Majesty is taught proper protocol. There is a right way to act in her presence, and if that were to be breached, she "would not be amused." Certainly, she is not to be touched.

For the most part we Canadians love our Queen. Although it may be hard to define, we believe she does serve a useful function in our society. She has been our Monarch for more than fifty years and she still holds a place in our hearts. However, to be honest, the role of the monarchy is merely one of ceremony, and influence. She officiates. She makes speeches. But any real political power has long since gone. As a ruler, she is merely a figurehead.

Jesus Christ . . . the King?

Never mind society,
is Jesus Christ
King of Kings and
Lord of Lords
in the church,
or is He, in reality, just
a Constitutional Monarch?

Over the years the Church has praised Christ as King, proclaimed that He is Lord, prayed "thy kingdom come," and occasionally made pronouncements that "Jesus Christ is now Lord of the City." But I wonder, with all of our energetic spiritual exercises, how much has really changed? Never mind society, is Jesus Christ King of Kings and Lord of Lords in the church, or is He, in reality, just a Constitutional Monarch? Beloved, revered, "worshipped," but basically reduced to a ceremonial role. Sure, when He "shows up," we give him the honour due to His name. We rejoice in the gifts that He brings. But, is he really in control?

In England, it used to be that the Prime Minister did the King's bidding. Now the monarch is merely incidental to the whole system of government. The Queen gives royal assent to the decisions that have already been made by the political system. Is it so with us as well?

To Feel and Know God's Heart

For many of us, in spite of the good that has happened in recent years, our hearts are still empty. Something still is not right, and we hardly know how to define it. We feel like we are celebrating shadow, not substance. We are rejoicing in the idea, not in the reality. And we are sick to death of "church!" In fact, for some of us the closer we get to God the harder it is to tolerate "church." Why this persistent weariness? What does it all mean?

Well, for one thing, we have prayed to feel and know God's heart. Could this be God's heart? What if it is the heart of God? What if what we are feeling is God's emotion. What if what we are seeing is the Divine perspective? What if God Himself is sick of how we "do church?" What if He, the Constitutional Monarch of the Kingdom of God, is weary of our words and wants to regain the throne? Not ceremonially, but in reality. What if God really wants absolute control?

I believe we can fast, pray, bind, loose, do all kinds of repentance over the past and over the land, we can have endless prayer conferences, prophetic classes, and praise celebrations (which are all well and good), but Christ is not King of His Church unless His system of church government is in place. Until that happens, Christ is King in name only.

Not Just a Church Service; the Church!

Some of our churches have experienced Renewal and Revival. When God is present to us He is given greater control than He has had for a long, long time. This is wonderful and it partially satisfies our hearts, and the heart of God. But it is not enough. God wants more than control of an occasional church service, He wants total control of the church. God wants to rule and reign. He wants to rule and reign in His church through the Five Fold Ministry/Leadership model of Theocratic Church Government. Nothing less will do.

We can continue to rejoice in what we have, who we are, and what God has done, but we will receive no more and grow no further until Jesus is truly made King. Saying and singing it, teaching and preaching it, claiming and naming it will not make it so. Only doing it will cause it to be done.

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