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Caroline L. Anderson

Caroline L. Anderson.

Caroline grew up in church. She started attending with three of her brothers when she was a little 4 or 5 year old and it is no surprise to anyone who knows her that she was involved in everything: Sunday School, Explorers, CGIT, Young Peoples, Choir, etc. Her instincts for leadership manifested early and she started teaching Sunday School at 17, and Explorers soon after. If the church door was open she was there, and that by personal choice. She was always leading and teaching kids, and eventually became an elder.

As for secular employment for many years Caroline had her dream job with the YMCA, as first the Aquatics Director and then the Fitness Director.

Born Again

Caroline had a dramatic Born Again experience at the age of 45. A friend who was in seminary to be a Baptist minister was tragically killed. She had a road to Damascus experience on her bike on a country road as she thought about his life and how he trusted God with everything. She knew then and there that if he was a Christian then she was not. She started the journey to find Jesus and by His grace she did. She got baptised in the Holy Spirit a year later and since then her life has been a continuous and unfolding adventure.


Caroline has always been both a fore-runner, and a lifelong student.

  • Upon becoming Born Again she immediately took a two-year Bible Study Leaders Course and many Precept Upon Precept courses. Eventually she completed the two-year Certificate in Lay Ministry from Acadia.
  • She was part of the establishment of Sunday Night Suppers at St. Andrews which has now been going for 25 plus years.
  • She was involved in the establishing of First Congregational Church.
  • She is a founding member of Bethel Churh Halifax, and served on the Leadership Team.
  • She worked in street ministry for many years, and at the Salvation Army Drug and Addictions Rehab, and at Hope Cottage.
  • volunteered as a counsellor at the Crisis Pregnancy Center for over a decade,
  • taught religion in the city schools,
  • was involved in the Order of St. Luke
  • and the healing and deliverance ministry.

Inner Healing

Caroline has trained in every course in Inner Healing she could take:

  • She took a 3 month residential School of Evangelism, Healing and Deliverance with Ellel Ministries where she was trained as a Prayer Counsellor,
  • Restoring the Foundations,
  • International Leaders School,
  • Encounter Weekends,
  • John and Paula Sandford, Elijah House Courses.

Caroline studied "Hearing God's Voice" and dream interpretation under John Paul Jackson. She also did several schools in Toronto with the then TACF; one on The Father's Heart, three weeks of Leadership Training, one week of Train the Trainers. She has trained as a Precept Upon Precept Bible Study Leader and an Alpha Leader, and led several groups. She has led Small Groups at the Atlantic Christian Ashram for several decades, and is part of the Healing Teams. She has led cell groups and small groups on Codependency. Always a student, she continues to take courses and read books. All of this because of her strong desire to be healed, and a passion to see all people healed, set free, and become all God intends.

She has been on mission trips to Israel and to South Africa.

Caroline has been a speaker for Christian Women's Clubs for 12 years, travelling the Maritimes, and walking through whatever other door the Lord opens. She a mother, grandmother, wife; an acrylic painter (member of Atlantic Area Artist Association); sings in an all women's choir (Aeolian Singers); hikes and walks with the Wednesday Wacky Women Walkers (here and abroad). Born the year WWII started she is a cyclist, walker, swimmer and more. She values and loves her family and friends, hangs her laundry on the clothes line, shops at second hand stores, loves chocolate, eating and having fun.

Caroline is married to Ken, a retired Pentecostal minister, and an urban monk/hermit. He says he finds his "Sweet Caroline" endlessly fascinating.