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Donald Trump.

2016. What a year. The year Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America. I offer no profound thoughts on the good or the bad of that event, but as I watched it unfold I realize there are Lessons to be Learned from “The Donald”. He and his staff ran an excellent campaign. It would be wise for the church to run as efficiently, and use social media to the same degree of success.

But, politics was not the only thing on my mind . . .

I talk about the adventure to which the Lord would call each of us, but If You Want to Walk on Water and enjoy our life to the full we must get out of the boat. But when we do, The Second Step is probably more important that the first.

I am an unashamed and passionate lover of the Scriptures. I marvel at The Wonder of the Word and I try to make it the foundation for all I think and do, and especially for what I write. I believe we would do well to have A Word-Based Culture.

I have always tried to live my life with integrity, and treat others with dignity. I have not always succeeded. Like most of us, I have experienced some church situations that became unhealthy for me. Unlike most of us, I have also experienced the other side of The Agony of Spiritual Abuse and unintentionally wounded good people. I pray other leaders will have the grace to learn from my example.

I invite you to read and hopefully enjoy these and the other articles I wrote in 2016.

God bless you.