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In 2015 and the years previous I did as I often do, write about the importance of the Word of God. In fact, I regard it as A Most Important Relationship that merits being nurtured, developed, and grown to maturity. All the Word is of equal importance and value, but I came to have a heightened appreciation for the greatest true story ever told. I imagined what would happen if we read through the gospels once a month for an entire year. Out of that idea came "My Words" ~ A Year With Jesus.

Of course, when we valuing of the Scriptures and esteem Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, we also enjoy the teaching and preaching of the Word of God. Those called to The Privilege of the Pulpit have the awesome responsibility of speaking the Word of God to the People of God. This is a task to be approached with fear and trembling, and above all a spirit of excellence.

We read the Word, we feast on the Gospels, we listen to teaching and preaching, not just to acquire knowledge and understanding, but also to prepare us to hear His Voice, and do what He says. Sometimes the instruction of the Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit can take us down some unexpected and unusual paths. When it does, it is helpful if we simply Obey God and Leave the Consequences to Him.

I invite you to read and hopefully enjoy these and the other articles I wrote in 2016.

God bless you.